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Growing Business Simplified

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Growing Business Simplified

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Growing Business Simplified

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Meet Your Certified Business Guide

Winston Chang has been in business for over 25 years and his experience will be able to help you to bring your business to the next higher levels.  He has helped many business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses in much more practical and simpler ways.  He is a Certified Business Behaviours Coach & Consultant and also a Certified HRDF / PSMB Trainer.  More info here.


Winston helps business people who would want to level up their business, by leveling themselves up at the core first.


Business Owner

Winston can help you analyse and think clearer, sometime also to shift your mindset at a direction you never thought of!


Business Onwer

Winston has showed me how I should restructure my strengths in my daily business challenges.


Business Owner

By Hiring a Business Guide, How Can It Help My Business Grow?

Do you know where you and your company are heading towards to?  Without a clear direction, your business is going to get stuck and eventually fail.  Trying to figure this out by yourself is very tough and challenging. 

Few people know how to help business owners to get unstuck like Winston Chang. As a business owner and Founder of Growing Business Simplified, Winston has helped business owners gain real clarity to grow their business. In your sessions with Winston, he’ll help you find out what exactly is preventing your business from growing.  He will guide you with fundamentals and principles that will guide your life and business. 

When you hire a Business Guide, every solutions will be tailored in accordance to your business wants and needs which are different from others. 

Nobody wants to wake up feeling confused and frustrated especially business owners.  Hire a guide now, get coached and start seeing your business grow like never before.

The Business Blueprint That Solve Your Most Frustrating Business Problems



Hiring Talents Simplified

It is absolutely wasting of time and money when hiring the wrong people into your business!  We have the exact right tool to help you hire the right talents for your company even if they have little to no working experience!

Growing Business Simplified


Marketing Simplified

Most business owners and entrepreneurs got confused between marketing and branding, which are not the same.  Learn how to create marketing that generates more sales and profit for your business.

Growing Business Simplified


Selling Simplified

You have great products but somehow it is hard for you to close more sales.  You feel confused, frustrated, and burned out!  Our 8P Selling Blueprint can eliminate your frustration and help you become an UNSTOPPABLE SELLING MACHINE that makes more money, even if you hate selling!

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