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At MyAcademy, we believe strongly in two things.  Firstly, we believe that every fresh graduate deserves a chance to be hired or at least be given a chance despite they do not have much real working experience. After all, everyone started without much experience anyway.

Secondly, we believe that every working individual deserves to have a job or a career they love so they can tell everyone around them proudly that they love their jobs. Research shows that those who love their jobs tend to live a more fulfilled life.

The truth is, there are many great companies out there that are searching for talented people to be hired.  Unfortunately, they are being bombarded by tons of applications that wasted their time and resources almost every single day.

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At MyAcademy, we work with companies who want to grow their business.  As their companies grow, they are searching for people with talents, skills, and abilities to hiring them. They are willing to pay a good price too. These companies will ask for our recommendations on what kind of people they should be hiring.  We are VERY careful when it comes to what kind of people to recommend. In fact, because of our strong recommendation, those who we identified as potentials are viewed as super valuable in helping companies to grow their businesses.

By submitting your profile and be identified, and we will match you with companies who value, appreciate, and need your talents, skills, and abilities.  No more frustratingly searching high and low for a job.  Just be found and get hired by great companies that want you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

At MyAcademy, we work with companies who want to grow their business.  As their companies grow, they are searching for people with talents, skills, and abilities to hiring them.  We are being hired / paid by them to find potential candidates for their hiring.  Put it this way, we are like a “matchmaker”.

Submitting your profile is absolutely free of charge. In fact, we believe that it is totally unfair for you to be charged for such a service.

You must possess at least SPM, Diploma, Advanced / Higher / Graduate Diploma. Working experience is not necessary.

Yeap!  We strongly encourage fresh graduates to submit their profiles.  Show the world who you are and get spotted by companies that need your talents, skills, and abilities.

Absolutely! We strongly encourage you to do so.  Early preparation is always better than not preparing at all.

Our friendly consultants will either email you, Whatsapp you or even call you (depending on your preferences on how you want to be notified) to notify you.

It all depends on the availability of vacancies and the types of vacancies from the companies we are working with.  It also depends on whether your profile matches the requirements of the companies we are working with or not.

There is no guarantee you will get hired. As much as we would love to guarantee you, but realistically speaking, it is extremely impossible. If anyone guarantees this, you should be very cautious.  It could be a SCAM!

Your Information Is Secured And Protected!

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Be rest assured that all information provided will be kept private and confidential. We will not disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent.